Courses Taught

University of California Irvine 

Fall 2017 Child Psychopathology. P238. 

University of Michigan:

Fall 2012 Positive Psychology. PSYCH 476.
Winter 2012 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. PSYCH 477.
Fall 2011 Positive Psychology. PSYCH 476.
Winter 2011 Developmental Psychology PSYCH 250.
Fall 2010 Introduction to Psychology PSYCH 111.

Teaching Interests 

Child & Adolescent Psychopathology/ Developmental Psychopathology
Positive Psychology
Introduction to Psychology
Research Methods
Social Science Writing
Lifespan Developmental Science

Seminars and invited lectures 
Summer 2015 Neurodevelopmental and Neurocognitive Disorders. Invited guest lecturer in Abnormal Psychology at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
Winter 2015 Childhood trauma and health across the lifespan. Invited lecture for UCLA Health Psychology Area Brown Bag, Los Angeles, CA.
Summer 2014 Changing to DSM-5: Stress-related, Depressive, and Psychotic Disorders. Invited clinical training for UCSD/Rady Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry, San Diego, CA.
Spring 2014 Barriers to the Treatment of Pediatric Anxiety Disorders. Invited lecture for UCSD/VA Psychology Training Program, San Diego, CA.
Winter 2014 Childhood trauma and health across the lifespan: The role of the HPA-axis. Invited lecture for the Laboratory for Youth Mental Health at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
Fall 2013 Characterizing the Role of Childhood Trauma in the Neuroendocrine Functioning of Adolescents: Implications for Depression Research. Invited lecture for UCSD/Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego Psychiatry Grand Rounds, San Diego, CA. http://www.rchsd.org/professionals/psychiatrygrandrounds/PsychiatryGrandRoundsPastPresentations/D023281
Winter 2013 The Neurobiology of Trauma. Invited guest lecture for Honors Freshman Seminar on the Psychology of Violence, Ann Arbor, MI.
Fall 2012 Positive Health and Wellness. Invited guest lecture for Advanced Senior Seminar in Positive Psychology Research and Future Directions in Positive Health, Ann Arbor, MI.
Fall 2011 The Power of Positive Thinking. Invited guest lecture for Family Assessment Clinic “Mom’s Group” (ongoing support group for mothers of victims of sexual abuse), Ann Arbor, MI.
Winter 2011 Under the hood: HPA-axis dysregulation in pediatric depression. The EHAP Series on Social Neuroendocrinology; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
Winter 2011 Conducting Research in Adolescents with Anxiety and Depression: Methodology and Developmental Psychopathology. University of Michigan Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Seminar Series: Guest Lecture, Ann Arbor, MI
Fall 2010 Maternal Warmth and Early Childhood Endocrine Functioning: Predicting Internalizing Symptoms in Early Adolescence. University of Michigan- Clinical Area Brown Bag, Ann Arbor, MI.


2012-2013 Kathryn Beck University of Michigan Honor’s Thesis
2011-2012 Teague Simoncic University of Michigan Honor’s Thesis
2011-2012 Peter Kotvis. University of Michigan Honor’s Thesis